We offer services for all hiring needs acting as an extension of your team. We can introduce talent directly to capture quick wins and can engage with our network experts if required.


We can provide you with insights to help improve employee experience and gain a deeper awareness of your employee value proposition. We also offer regular access to external talent to achieve diversity & inclusion objectives.


We're passionate about finding and solving problems for our clients. We offer a range of advisory and consulting services to give you access to market-leading thought leaders.


Connect with the best talent through our network. We make introductions you can trust based on research & performance metrics ensuring you get our best service.


Let us do the work for you. Maintaining supplier agreements takes time and can be hard to measure. We have the capability to move through processes at pace so you can spend more time on what you do best.


Our efficiency means we can return value to customers and suppliers throughout the process making it easier and better value for everyone.

Entros Bot

Once the right introduction has been made it's all about efficiency

Entros works in the background to promote a faster process and capture feedback. Performance is measured to ensure our partners are the best for the requirement. Entros records your activity through the HI-ME network so you have oversight of usage and only deal with 1 invoice every month.

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